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What can a Tree Ring tell us about the Paradoxes of Investing?

    08-31-2017 Insights by David Basten

Are your clients judging long-term investments with an eye toward short-term performance?

Are they making it difficult for you to manage their investments to achieve long-term objectives that are both feasible and worthwhile?

Yorktown Funds can help you address these questions. We can help you inform your clients about the importance of a long-term…READ MORE

Newly Branded Yorktown Funds Enjoys Growth from its Diversified Approach to Active Management

07- 11- 2017
Yahoo Finance

— After Three Decades, API Funds Renamed Yorktown Funds —

Riding a wave of consistent growth of assets under management and of its distribution network, the Virginia based asset management firm announced today that it will consolidate its API and Yorktown…READ MORE

Virginia Fund Firm Head Hires Former Intern Turned Successful PM

04- 11- 2017
The Mutual Fund Wire

Longtime fundster Dave Basten, founder, president and chief investment officer of Yorktown Funds, just brought on his former mentee, J. Dale Harvey, to be a PM of theYorktown Mid Cap Fund.

As the Basten’s story goes, Harvey appeared in his office when he was 14 years old. He came along, sans parents, and asked numerous questions about the asset management industry. READ MORE

Poplar Forest Capital To Sub-Advise Yorktown Mid Cap Fund


Yorktown Funds, a boutique asset management fund family and subsidiary of API Funds, has announced that Dale Harvey, founder and CIO of Poplar Forest Capital, will serve as Portfolio Manager to the Yorktown Mid Cap Fund (YWBIX), which will be sub-advised by Poplar Forest.

An Alternative Investment for Your Emergency Savings Account

Wall Street Journal

For one, the money can be just as liquid–unless, of course, you need to write a check today. Suppose you need $2,000 for car repairs. You could move $2,000 as of the end of today from your short-term bond fund into your money-market fund held at the same institution and use the funds tomorrow to write a check to cover these expenses. READ MORE

An East Coast Shop Launches a Subadvised Fund Family

The Mutual Fund Wire

Dave Basten, managing director of API Funds, confirms that Lynchburg, Virginia-based API has created the subadvised Yorktown Funds family. In terms of new Yorktown offerings and subadvisors to power them, fixed
income and international are both possibilities, Basten says, and they could multi-manager or single-manager subadvised funds. READ MORE

Perspectives: Why You Should Invest in Multi-Asset Funds

Morning Star

A decade ago the basic concept of a multi-asset income fund was dramatically different. Multi-asset funds evolved from traditional balanced funds, a mix of equities and bonds. Back then, it was pretty much just the basic binary decision between stocks and bonds. How much did you hold of each asset class as a reflection of your macro view? READ MORE