About Yorktown Funds

Time-tested principles. Forward-looking solutions.


A Tradition of Stewardship

The hallmark of Yorktown is its longstanding reputation as a dedicated
steward focused on performance that strives to consistently deliver results that make a real difference in the lives of those we serve.

For over 30 years, we have operated as an independent boutique asset management firm with a singular purpose: to help our clients create more secure financial futures. Through all market

cycles our goal has been unwavering: to provide investors with trusted counsel, exemplary service and value-added strategies across a range of investment disciplines.

Yorktown’s roots go back over four decades. Our founder, David Basten, developed an approach to investment analysis that is performance driven and risk aware, emphasizing the value of long-term thinking and results over here-today, gone-tomorrow short-term performance.

Today’s markets move faster and are more complex, global, interconnected and interdependent. We believe successful investing in this environment benefits not from flavor-of-the-day thinking, but from the kind of time-tested ideas,

forward-looking solutions and the highest ethical standards that have made Yorktown, year-in and year-out, a valued partner to discerning individuals and institutions.

We believe our strength, stability and discipline enable us to deliver proven strategies with strong investment outcomes our clients expect.

Yorktown Growth Rings

Yorktown Growth Rings

The cross section of a tree, featuring growth rings, illustrates the enduring beliefs of Yorktown Funds. It is a simple and powerful representation of our philosophy of seeking growth, year in and year out, through good times and challenging ones.

The rings are also emblematic of our commitment to building long-term relationships with the advisors who sell our funds and the individuals who invest in them.

Yorktown Funds has been a steady partner for advisors for more than 30 years. Our funds are built on a tradition of putting time-tested solutions to work for your clients.

The tree rings also convey an importance of you, our advisor partners and the knowledge, integrity, skills and reputation you bring to the business every day. Your business has grown as you have added ring after ring of clients and gathered and grown their assets.

Those solid relationships have generated more rings as they have introduced you to friends, family and colleagues as a trusted advisor. Each ring larger than the last, as your business and assets compound over time.

As you consider our symbol, notice that the growth rings are protected by a tough outer bark, which stands for the partnerships you have formed with your broker dealer and the solidity of the products and services you have built into each portfolio.